domingo, 21 de agosto de 2011

go some place where noone knows your name


songs that go with my morning coffee and the solitude of midnight hours.
tomorrow I might escape to the sea. my eyes are craving for an endless sight, my ears are longing for nature's soothing sounds.
sometimes the heart needs a proof it's free and the soul needs to feel it's one particle of the glimmering universe. 

segunda-feira, 15 de agosto de 2011

winter has been a day and a day and a day so far. 
long dresses touching her ankles, train rides, reading herman hesse on the mustard couch, getting dizzy from looking into the night sky's for too long, quiet songs on the guitar, candy cotton kisses and shimmering hair.
something had fallen asleep somewhere between the floral sheets, morning croissants and the mayan calendar, something so transcendental they couldn't put a finger on it so they just kept going, hoping that it faded soon. 
it had to, there was no fighting a translucent idea of a ghost that was constantly in the room. 
the power of words had come to an end so there was just going on, making the candy cotton kisses a little sweeter and hoping it would fade. 
maybe it were the walls that seemed to get closer, maybe it was the sun that behaved like a shy ballerina, maybe it was that they felt themselves leaving long before they ever did. 
they were still wild and free. they just wished for a place where they could feel it a little more. 
maybe if we went to marocco, everything would be just fine. 

it's not that we're scared it's just that it's delicate